Futuristas was governed to influence change. We want to level the playing field of business by uniting change makers from all industries, all occupations and backgrounds. We are Futuristas.



Ishtar Touailat is Futuristas CEO. She is a awarded Futurist and leader who last year was award The Future Female Leader of the year amongst other.

She is an awarded serial entrepreneur that has made an impact on business in Sweden through her achievements. If you want to read more about Ishtar, go to


Head of marketing

Alice works at Navii, a branding agency based in Västerås. Her background lies within PR, content marketing and brand strategy. She is an experienced public speaker when it comes to the benefits of voluntary work and brand management.– I love that Futuristas brings all kinds of business women together. Creating a better future by bringing important knowledge, inspiration and visionary thinking to future and present female leaders.



Simon is Futuristas Chief of Operation and is a curious visionary and an explorer. He has a burning passion for challenging norms with insights from leadership and new technology.

He has been recognized as a future global leader by the prestigious organization TheHive, affiliated with Stanford, Harvard, Singularity U and NASA and ranked #3 Social Change Maker by Business Weekly's list of 101 Swedish Super Talents. He has also been awarded Swedish social challenger of the year by Nova and announced a Swedish young leader by HMH King Carl GustafXVI.

Binette Seck


Binette Seck is Futuristas Head of Expansion. She is ranked top 33 Female TechLeader in Sweden with an incredible background from Tensta as well as Paris and Dakar. Binette is currently working to promote engineering and economic sciences and the development of industry for the benefit of society at IVA.

Her superpower lies in building global bridges between knowledge, competence and business. Her extensive working experience sharpened her belief in the power of uniting talented people with companies to better deal with the times we are living in, that have an ever-increasing global competition and a rapid development of technology.



Ulrika is Futuristas Tech Pro. She is a globetrotter with a passion for inspiring women to engage in tech. She has worked and lived all over the world and has a wide range of experience faced on East Africa and Asia.

Ulrika works actively with promoting and shaping a fair tech industry in her role as Lead Enterprise Architect at Tieto and Board member of Iasa Sweden. She is also heading up a sustainability in green tech. 


Erik is Futuristas passionate communicator. He is a award winning marketing professional with experience from a large variety of industries and companies.

Erik works as a Growth Marketer at Maniola Studios, where he helps some of Swedens biggest companies to prepare for the future.